What does your website REALLY need?

Posted: February 16, 2019

Last updated: April 10, 2019

My business doesn’t have amazing photos or loads of text, what can I do.

When people talk about the amazing things they want their new companies website to be about I try and nod my head and agree the best I can. In my head though I’m just thinking all these great features they want but they aren’t focusing on the company or what they are selling. Great features are useless if no one can find them!

My website will have thousands of visitors when it goes live.

Creating a brand new website is like building a brand new shop slap bang in the middle of the Sahara desert. The websites exists but only a few people know about it, and generally if it’s a small local businesses then it’ll probably be family and a few friends. Of course a simple share on Facebook will help get your wider online group friends to know about your site, but Facebook also controls if this link will show on your Facebook friends wall.

A few nice photos and a little bit text, maybe a famous quote they like is the basis of most first websites for a small local business. From this generally they want to be the top of Google, now this is a very generally term and needs me to come back to this on a future post. But to get the site started the text content is the most important item on the website for two reasons. Your website needs to clearly tell the user, what you do, what you sell, where you are in the world as soon as possible.

Secondly Google needs to know this information as well, and Google needs descriptive and informative text. By having this information on your site it lets Google crawl your site and learn about what you do and why it should direct users to your site over the competitions. And that’s the aim isn’t it?

Google can’t read photos but it can read your text.

It’s overlooked because it takes time to write quality content for a website but if you can write quality content it will help you get higher in Google than any nice photograph will.

Starting a new website, or redesigning a current website, think about where you focus your time, it’ll pay off in the long run.